Virginia Fresh Food Loan Fund

Without access to healthy foods, Virginia residents, especially in underserved areas, don’t get the nutrients they need to lead a quality life.

A report published in 2015, Food for Every Child: The Need for Healthy Food Financing in Virginia, by The Food Trust, a national food access non-profit, shows that in Virginia 1.7 million adults and 480,000 children live in areas that are lower-income and lack access to grocery stores. Additionally, the report shows that over 1 million adults and 270,000 children live in areas that are lower income, lack access to grocery stores, and face higher than average rates of diet-related-death from diet-related-disease.

Virginia Community Capital (VCC) views food retail businesses and other thoughtful food projects as critical components of vibrant communities because they increase healthy food access, especially in underserved areas. They are vital to the economic revitalization of these areas by creating easy-entry jobs and attracting additional development.   
Launched in 2013, the Virginia Fresh Food Loan Fund (VFFLF) is a $10 million revolving loan fund to address food access issues in Virginia’s urban and rural communities. The VFFLF aims to increase access to healthy food by attracting food retail projects into underserved communities and supporting local agriculture and food enterprises. 

Download the VFFLF brochure.

VCC is committed to increasing access to healthy, local, and fresh food by supporting food-based businesses and projects.


Financial Assistance

VCC offers financing opportunities for food-based businesses and eligible borrowers such as:

  • Grocery Stores (Chains or Independents) 
  • Local and Natural Food Markets 
  • Healthy Corner Stores 
  • Food Production, Aggregation, and Distribution Businesses 
  • Agriculture and Food Cooperatives
  • For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Businesses 
  • Public Benefit and Municipal Corporations 

For more information about financing, learn about VCC’s Food Access Financing options.

Technical Assistance

VCC works with potential food-based businesses from planning and pre-development stages through project completion. These services can include: 

  • Locational Research 
  • Market Analysis 
  • Energy Audits 
  • Business Plan Assistance 
  • Projection / Proforma Validation 
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Potential Project Site 
  • Connecting to Additional Funding Resources and Partners 
  • Strategies for a Project’s Viability 
  • Packaging Possible Incentives

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