Community Innovation Center

Our Approach: Partnership, Expertise, Innovation


We build partnerships with key stakeholders and experts to understand and support the goals of the communities we work with. We create innovative strategies and flexible financial tools to facilitate community-based solutions, and we provide access to resources to build capacity and progress within community-focused projects.

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PARTNERSHIP: Collaborative Leadership

VCC works to strengthen the capacity of the community development industry in Virginia by:

• Supporting community initiatives
• Connecting resources
• Building partnerships

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EXPERTISE: Technical Services & Workshops

VCC provides advisory services, technical assistance, and professional workshops in areas of small business, clean energy, affordable housing, and grocery and healthy food access. These services and specialized sessions help business owners build the skills needed to grow and sustain a successful enterprise. Examples of workshop topics include:

• Building a Successful Business
• Marketing & Social Media
• Technology in Business
• Credit & Financing

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INNOVATION: Creative Business Development

VCC provides one-on-one assistance to support the unique and complex needs of startups, existing small businesses, and not-for-profits such as:

• Strategic business planning
• Financial health analysis
• Pre-lending support
• Marketing
• Sales growth
• Resource referrals

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Small Business and Organizational Development Resources

We’re here to help and work alongside you. Along with our incredible partners from the public and private sectors, VCC provides resources for businesses and not-for-profits to thrive. Use our templates and links to supplemental resources to support your business needs. 

  • One-page Business Plan
    Create a guide for developing your business.
  • Communications Plan
    Strategize what your main message is and how and when to share it with your audience.
  • Breaking Even
    Calculate your fixed and variable costs in order to determine what your business needs to break even.

Community Innovation Programs

Investments from VCC partners in the public and private sectors allow us to support community development programs such as healthy food access, affordable housing, or expanding small business opportunities to enhance the quality of life for Virginia residents. Some of our programs have particular areas of focus or seek to benefit specific communities throughout Virginia.

Looking for a loan?

Learn more about VCC’s small business, real estate, clean energy, and food access lending programs here.