B Corp

Our innovative business model leads the way.

Virginia Community Capital is structured as both a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a for-profit bank, VCC Bank. As a CDFI, we are able to provide credit and financial services to people, businesses, and communities not served by mainstream lenders.

VCC Bank is a certified B Corp. Every two years, VCC Bank undergoes a thorough examination to assess our impact in the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Workers
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Products & Services

This assessment is used to ensure VCC Bank is meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. In 2022, VCC Bank was honored as a Best for the World B Corp in the areas of Community, Customers, and Governance.

VCC Bank is also one of the first regulated banks in the US to earn the designation of a Benefit Corporation, setting a new model for the financial industry. With this corporate structure, instead of shareholders looking for a quarterly dividend, the bank has a non-profit owner whose mission is to create jobs, vibrant places, and enhance the quality of life in communities throughout the Commonwealth.



Certified B Corp

  • A certification conferred by the non-profit B Lab
  • A company that meets a high level of social and environmental performance, with a commitment to consider all stakeholders
  • Any for-profit company in any country can pursue certification (LLCs included)

Benefit Corporation

  • A corporate form (taxed like a C Corp or an S Corp) that has a higher level of transparency, accountability and purpose
  • A legal entity that has protection and permission to consider its impact on all stakeholders, not just shareholders
  • Available in 31 states in the U.S.

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