How VCC Impacts Virginia

Impact: it’s what defines Virginia Community Capital as an organization. Explore the results of our efforts across the Commonwealth.

Mission-driven lending and consulting that strengthen Virginia and its people.

Guided by our mission to create jobs and build vibrant places, we bring together funding sources and viable projects to enhance the quality of life in communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Trapezium Brewery in Petersburg, funded in part by VCC in conjunction with Park Sterling Bank and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development.

VCC’s lending capital fills a gap in community development finance throughout Virginia. Through our network of public and private partnerships, we create investments that have an impact in the regions of greatest need.

While VCC is mostly associated with lending to small business and real estate projects, the magic of our organization begins with our consulting and technical support for developers and small businesses that need it. We believe there is a far greater chance of an entrepreneur or developer succeeding if they are given proper guidance to thrive.

We offer flexible financial tools and advisory services to a range of project types. With lenders and officers in all corners of the Commonwealth, we are constantly on the lookout for the next great real estate or small business project that will make a big impact.

In all we do, we do so with our mission in mind: To be the first choice for innovative capital and collaborative leadership promoting local communities and enhanced quality of life.

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