Historic Amherst County Property Goes Green

October 21, 2020 | Impact Stories


Spread over 285 acres, the Winton Country Club estate in Amherst County is home to the historically significant Sarah Henry Manor House, an outdoor swimming pool and tennis court, and an 18-hole golf course with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains at every turn.

Amherst County owned the country club property for over 50 years after the land was donated to the county in 1967. In recent years, the club faced financial strain and low membership. It could no longer keep up with the improvements needed to operate successfully. In 2018, the county began soliciting proposals to buy Winton. In February 2019, Dave McCormack, president of Petersburg-based Waukeshaw Development, purchased the property for $800,000 cash.

McCormack, whose development vision and successes have spread from Petersburg to Southwest Virginia and throughout the Commonwealth, plans to repurpose the land into a mix of uses, including retail, residential, and outdoor events. There are no confirmed plans for the property (the golf course will remain). However, some ideas include a retirement community and potential grounds for the Amherst County Fair. With such close proximity to the “Brew Ridge Trail,” there is also discussion of a brewery/beer campus at Winton. McCormack came to VCC with a request for a loan to install a 163-kilowatt ground-mounted solar system on the property. The solar system will be provided and installed by Sigora Solar, a Charlottesville-based solar energy company.


VCC is working to bring sustainable energy to communities in an effort to grow awareness of solar energy solutions. Partnering with developers like McCormack on properties like Winton, move VCC toward our goal of supporting new energy sources and cost savings to foster stronger, more sustainable communities.


Winton is a property with a vast historical background. It was first purchased with a land patent from King George II of England, and the succeeding list of owners includes a myriad of leaders, including Sarah Henry, mother to Patrick Henry – the patriot and first Governor of Virginia ­– and also namesake to the club’s Manor House. This initial step toward a more renewable energy future for Winton will help ensure the property becomes a sustainable and important attraction in the county and fulfills the goal of creating an enjoyable community for all to enjoy.

The United Nations created 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim to eradicate poverty and deprivation, grow our economies, protect our environment, and promote peace and good governance. These SDGs best align with VCC, and our mission to positively impact communities.

The Winton Country Club loan aligns with SDG 7.