McShin Foundation Deepens Relationship with VCC as Recovery Support Partner

September 3, 2020 | Impact Stories

Addiction is a struggle for many people. The McShin Foundation, founded in 2004, provides the resources and tools to help individuals succeed in their initial battle and for sustained recovery over the next three years. From two offices in a church basement, McShin now offers a 15,000-square-foot recovery residence and more than 100 beds across the Greater Richmond area.

Last year, the Foundation served 419 participants, including 172 individuals in its 28-day residential recovery program. Leveraging the support of many alumni, McShin hosted 1,383 recovery coaching sessions. The approach works: More than 70 percent of alumni say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the relationships they are rebuilding with family and friends.

McShin recently opened a money market deposit account with Virginia Community Capital. The account grows at a market rate of return, allowing the bank to reinvest funds to educate, grow, and build sustainable communities in Virginia. Creating the deposit relationship builds on a long lending relationship McShin has had with VCC, which helped to finance the Foundation’s purchases of four recovery residences around the region, according to Honesty Liller, McShin’s CEO.

Not only is VCC a proven supporter of nonprofits, but the team – including Bill Greenleaf and Tim Grimes – value McShin’s efforts to support individuals with addiction and aid them in their recovery, she said. “Bill and Tim have gone above and beyond to answer emails almost immediately and deliver the highest level of customer service,” she added.

“It’s important that our partners are authentic, both personally and professionally,” Liller said. “We still fight against the negative outlook of addiction, and we want to work with those who are open to who we are and what we do. VCC knows our mission works and respects the work that the McShin Foundation does for our community.”

The United Nations created 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim to eradicate poverty and deprivation, grow our economies, protect our environment, and promote peace and good governance. These SDGs best align with VCC, and our mission to positively impact communities.

The McShin Foundation deposit is aligned to SDGs 3, 11, and 17.