Strengthening relationships with mission-focused organizations

March 6, 2020 | Impact Stories

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Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) is a nonprofit affordable housing developer with a focus on both places and people. Founded in 1989 to meet the urgent housing needs in Arlington, they are committed to supporting low-income neighbors across the DC metro region. They offer more than 1,800 apartments and have more than 650 in development to become available within the next three years. As rents outpace income, APAH believes safe and affordable housing provides an essential platform for hard-working, low-income families to achieve stability, pursue their personal goals, and enhance their quality of life.

This year, APAH was in the market to develop a banking relationship with a lending partner that shared the same values and goals of sustainable, community impact when they came across Virginia Community Capital (VCC).  APAH’s decision to invest with VCC expanded its impact to places and communities outside of Arlington. The investment reached affordable housing developments across the state of Virginia and helped make an impact in those communities.