Food Lending

Imagine an end to food deserts.

Without access to healthy foods, residents in underserved areas of Virginia don’t get the nutrients they need to lead a quality life.

VCC’s focus on local and healthy foods seeks to address and end so-called “food deserts” across Virginia by supporting food-based businesses providing nutritious produce, meats, dairy, and more. We want to expand healthy food options and distribution channels while building relevant experience and institutional knowledge in fresh food financing.

Borrower types include food hub operators, retail and wholesale distributors, value-added processors and producers, and food business incubators.

Mapping is an essential tool to use when analyzing access to healthy foods in your community. Our Food Mapping tool utilizes Policy Map’s data to highlight food access and limited supermarket access issues throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.
View VCC’s Food Map

Contact our Food Lending team:

James Wallace
Fresh Food Advisor


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