Affordable Housing Campaign

Join Virginia Community Capital’s mission to ensure access to housing for every Virginian.

Through the support of Virginia companies, foundations, and individuals, VCC wants to create affordable and workforce housing for more Virginians than ever before. Our goal is to raise $10 million toward the creation of affordable housing in Virginia’s most vulnerable communities. We will reach our goal through your FDIC-insured bank deposit (up to $250,000) – which will grow at a market rate and provide VCC Bank with the capital required to create more affordable and workforce housing throughout Virginia.

As a depositor, you will:

  • Receive yearly updates on affordable housing projects under development
  • Be informed when an affordable housing development is funded
  • Be invited to events


In an effort to support increased lending to revitalize communities, VCC is offering an Affordable Housing 18-month CD at a rate of 2.0%/2.02% APY. Start impact investing to help make housing affordable for all.

This offer expires December 31, 2018

Open a money market account with just $50
Open a certificate of deposit account with $250

Contribute to your account or open a new account at VCC Bank today and support affordable housing for all.

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