Impact Investing

Do more with your money.

Impact investments are designed to generate a measurable social return alongside a financial return.

When you invest with VCC, we can help you or your organization impact your community. We offer impact investment products to individuals, businesses, non-profits, financial institutions, municipalities, and foundations.

Your investments with VCC are used to create opportunity in underserved areas of the Commonwealth, supporting job creation, affordable housing options, energy efficiency, healthy food access, and community revitalization.

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Virginia Community Capital’s banking subsidiary, VCC Bank, is an FDIC-insured, certified community development bank. VCC Bank offers banking products tailored to community banks and socially conscious investors. We also provide consumer and business deposit products, including checking, savings, and certificates of deposit. Your funds earn a market rate of return, and are reinvested to educate, grow, and build sustainable communities in Virginia.

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VCC works with grantors and donors to grow our community programs, provide advisory services, leverage private capital, support operating costs, and advance new products in community development financing. VCC is a 501(c)(3), and therefore grants and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by federal law.

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Program Related Investments

PRIs to our non-profit certified loan fund support specific community development programs, such as healthy food access, affordable housing, or expanding clean energy. Opportunities for targeting specific geographies and or other focus areas are available. Below-market rates allow VCC to maintain affordable rates to our borrowers and advance our mission to create jobs, promote vibrant places, and enhance the quality of life for all Virginians.

LOCUS Impact Investing

Foundation leaders who care about place are looking for ways to use more of their assets for mission and impact, and to take on new roles in community and regional economic development. But many are not sure what their best role might be. To help more place-focused foundations move beyond grantmaking alone toward local investing for impact, LOCUS offers a continuum of services related to impact investing, starting with philanthropic analytic tools including our Unlock Your Transfer of Wealth™ analysis to help foundations understand economic opportunities, strategy formulation related to economic development philanthropy and continuing with executing, servicing and monitoring impact investments.

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Scott Insurance Invests in Affordable Housing

“Through lending and consulting services for non-profit organizations, small businesses, and affordable housing projects, VCC is actively improving the economic outlook of countless communities across Virginia. Scott Insurance is proud to support the important work they are doing and we look forward to working together to create affordable housing for citizens in the Commonwealth.”
-Nathan Kerr
Vice President, Affordable Housing Practice Lead
Scott Insurance

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