Kafi Lindsay

Kafi Lindsay

Senior Vice President, Chief Impact Finance Officer

Kafi Lindsay's Headshot

Kafi Lindsay is the Chief Impact Finance Officer at VCC Social Enterprises, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Born and raised between North Philadelphia and rural Virginia, Kafi was instilled with a sense of community and awareness of the need for economic development from a young age. This upbringing would shape her career path and ultimately lead her to become a respected member of her industry.

After graduating from Howard University and Howard School of Law with a degree in Public Administration and a Juris Doctorate, Kafi began her legal career in working in local government. However, she quickly realized that her passion lay in utilizing her skills to make a positive impact on the communities around her. She then took a job in community development banking, where she oversaw the regional loan and investment portfolio and the design and implementation of community and economic development initiatives in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

She saw firsthand the transformative power of providing access to capital and financial services to underserved communities. She then took a position in Public Finance where she managed relationships for governments, municipal authorities, and educational institutions, and oversaw the structuring of credit products and capital markets origination of tax-exempt and taxable debt.

Over the years, she has played a key role in expanding the reach and impact of banks and overseen the creation of new programs and initiatives that have helped countless institutions, individuals, and small businesses achieve their goals of economic empowerment.