Impact and Financial Reports

Transparency is a core value at Virginia Community Capital, and it’s essential to remaining proper stewards of our investors’ dollars.

Impact Reports

Our annual reports provide you with insights into our balance sheet, accomplishments, and stories of success.

2020 Impact Report

2019 Impact Report

2018 Impact Report

2017 Impact Report

2016 Impact Report

2015 Impact Report

2014 Impact Report

2013 Impact Report

2012 Impact Report

2011 Impact Report

2010 Impact Report

2009 Impact Report

Audited Financial Reports

Dive into our independently reviewed financial statements for a deeper understanding of our cash flow, investments, and overall performance.

2020 Audited Financials

2019 Audited Financials

2018 Audited Financials

2017 Audited Financials

2016 Audited Financials

2015 Audited Financials

2014 Audited Financials

2013 Audited Financials

2012 Audited Financials

2011 Audited Financials

2010 Audited Financials