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Community Development Survey

Community Development Survey
First, thank you in advance for your input!
Virginia Community Capital is reaching out to place-based, community and economic develop leaders across Virginia, seeking your thoughts and advice.  From Main Street organizations to microlenders, from regional artisan networks to economic development partnerships, we are launching a conversation to assess what threads we hold in common and how we might weave a more unified voice for the importance of community-centered, entrepreneurship-focused revitalization and development in Virginia.

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Part of this conversation is to identify the people and organizations that exist across the Commonwealth and are providing these services.  Additionally, we want to hear from you whether additional collaboration, networking, and innovative partnership would benefit your work – and if so, how?
We have tried to keep the survey short and easy to complete yet as thorough as possible.  We look forward to your responses and thank you in advance for your participation! 
Jane Henderson
President, Virginia Community Capital