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Let's do more, together.

You have the vision, and we can help you realize it. With flexible loan capital and technical assistance, our team can help you achieve your goal. Our customers include developers, economic development groups, housing authorities, local governments, micro lenders, small businesses and community organizations. Let's make a positive, sustainable impact in our community. Let's do more, together.

Capital Assistance

We bring capital to your project that is more flexible than bank financing, or we can partner with your community bank or government funding sources to leverage more funding for your project. Check out our loan products to see which one fits your needs.  If you can't find one, don't worry.  Just
contact us.  We might be able to help.

Affordable Housing Products

Economic Development - Small Business Products

Community Facilities Products

Real Estate and Mixed-Use Products

Technical Assistance

VCC also provides technical help for communities or organizations looking to create new projects to provide affordable housing or job creation.  Our staff brings years of experience in community development financing and real estate development. 

  • We can help you understand and secure sources of government and private capital for your project. 
  • We can also help you create project plans and budgets. 
  • We can show you other communities with successful projects. 
  • We can help you connect to knowledgeable sources of additional information. 

Simply contact us to talk about what you are trying to accomplish in your community or neighborhood.



History of VCC’s Loan Activity

Our loan portfolio includes over 100 loan originations totaling $45.6 million


To date, over 55% of VCC's loans were originated in low-to-moderate income geographies or designated underserved areas within the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

VCC has originated $6.1 million in loans in Appalachian Region areas and $13.8 million in Tobacco-Commission areas.



Virginia Supportive Housing

Incorporated in January 1988, Virginia Supportive Housing is a private, non-profit community development corporation with a mission to provide permanent housing and support services to very low-income individuals and families who are homeless or have disabilities, transitioning them to become independent.

Virginia Supportive Housing (VSH) partnered with the Greater Richmond Community Service Board to implement a new program called A Place to Start (APTS). This housing program addresses chronic homelessness and mental illness. APTS is a regional program that provides housing and stability, allowing individuals to receive mental health services. 

VSH is a certified mental health service provider, and bills directly to the federal government. The line of credit that VCC extended will fund the cash flow shortfalls that result from delays in receipts, which will enable VSH to continue to provide critical community services.

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