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VCC is Evolving!


“As we continue to grow and emerge with new programs, work on strategic outreach, and increase the impact of our lending and other services, we are entering into the next phase of our organizational development. Emerging companies, like children, go through stages. And, as a new company leaves stage one and crosses into its second phase of growth and stabilization, often transition begins to occur on the team. New players enter, some current players look for new entrepreneurial opportunities, teams reorganize, and new programs begin to materialize.VCC is at exactly this point in time in our history and continued success.”     President and CEO Jane Henderson

This first quarter brought many interesting transitions to Virginia Community Capital. We want to share details with our partners and also congratulate our team during this time in our development.

First, an overview perspective on emerging opportunities: the pipeline for loans is growing as we find new customers and build upon existing relationships; our small business focus has opened new markets and is transforming the way our advisory services team approaches day-to-day activities; further, this group is also delving into the important topic of food deserts; the savings program is experiencing terrific success and gaining recognition across Virginia; and our second New Markets Tax Credit allocation of $20 million was announced last month. More projects and opportunities are percolating in the background too. It is an exciting time at VCC!

Our Richmond office move was completed as smoothly as any move could go. As communicated to customers and partners, the address change is a minor one—same building, different suite. We will soon let the world know about another move—for our Christiansburg office. Watch for news in the next month.

New spaces and new places is a recurring theme here, and two members of our team have recently announced career changes. Bill Skeen, VCC’s Chief Credit Officer, will be joining the development arena beginning in mid-April. Bill has been a leader in this organization since 2005. His energy and wisdom have contributed substantially to VCC’s growth. He created the initial products for opening our lending doors five years ago and then proceeded to help build our loan portfolios from $5 million to the robust $70 million currently on our books. We celebrate this important move in Bill’s life, knowing we will have another advocate for our cause among Richmond’s development community.

Jennifer Pierce, VCC’s Advisory Services and Grants Manager, has decided to pursue a new career. Jennifer helped with the launch of the Advisory Services team and has delivered on several successful programs including SEEDS, the Community Development Leadership Initiative, and Pathfinders. With these and other activities of her team, she has broadened awareness of VCC across various new audiences. We wish Jennifer well in her next adventure.

Finally, we welcome support from Candace Branch and Peggy Nixon for our lending team during this time of change. Candace will be working in our Richmond office and ensure we continue the high level of responsiveness to all customers and prospects. Peggy will be providing support to Loan Operations in Christiansburg. Both Candace and Peggy bring years of credit and loan operations experience to VCC.

VCC is evolving! These transitions and opportunities illustrate this fact. We embrace these dynamics of a growing organization—one where we will continue to represent the best in collaborative community and economic development.

Let’s do more, together!

About Virginia Community Capital:
With offices in Christiansburg, Richmond, and Springfield, Virginia Community Capital (VCC) is dedicated to the prospect of building wealth for all through our lending, deposits, and advisory services. As a community development financial institution (CDFI), our mission is to offer innovative, flexible financial products designed to support housing and community development ventures, increase jobs, and encourage sustainable communities. In partnership with our for-profit bank, Community Capital Bank of Virginia (CCB), the non-profit VCC offers loan capital broader and more flexible than bank lending in low-to-moderate income communities in underserved geographies and markets. Learn more at  vacommunitycapital.org.