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Corporations as Partners

Corporations as Partners

Corporations as Partners

Corporations create powerful partnerships through philanthropy and grants. VCC has a long tradition of working with corporations and businesses on special projects, programs, or events. As a nonprofit, VCC offers tax deductible benefits along with strong history of delivering impact. Corporate investments can change the landscape on many fronts when leveraged through VCC operations and staff.

VCC also provides visibility for our partners when appropriate. Some corporate partners appreciate announcements regarding their support. We honor equally requests for publicity or anonymity. We appreciate all grants and gifts, knowing that our combined efforts will advance shared economic development goals across Virginia.

A Partnership Success Story – Annual Learning Exchange Support

Every year, VCC assembles several hundred professionals involved in community and economic development across the country. Our Annual Learning Exchange celebrates work accomplished over the previous year and presents new topics for consideration and discussion.

Support for this event grows annually, as our sponsors recognize the importance of the work that is both underway and yet to be accomplished.

We applaud our past Annual Learning Exchange sponsors and encourage others to join this list of dedicated patrons (click images to enlarge).

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